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PEARL ST IVY LLC was founded by managing partner Jarren Dennard and is headquartered in beautiful, downtown Jacksonville, Florida.  We are committed to providing outstanding real estate investment services to individuals, families, and corporations.  Our primary focus is on helping people through the jungle of real estate.  We specialize in assisting distressed and over-burdened homeowners who want or need to sell their property.  Regardless of why you need to sell, we are here for you. The reasons can vary from family changes such as divorce or death, job and career moves, inability to maintain a rental property, poor renters, too many repairs, getting close to foreclosing, and more. We want to hear YOUR story so we can become a part of the answer.




We are actively looking for single family homes, multi-families up to 5 units, and mobile/modular homes. We will always look at other investment opportunities as well including multi-family greater than 5 units, condominiums both individual and building, land, and commercial/industrial properties.


Our objective in buy and hold properties is to allow us to double our equity investment within 5 years (an average annual return of our investment of at least 20%).


Finally, we generally fall in love with properties that need some TLC (and in some cases just a complete makeover!). Don’t make any more repairs or upgrades, saving yourself more money, let us make you an offer and let US do the finishing repairs and upgrades.


Our bottom line focus on investment is finding value play in property.  Talk to us today.  Investors CLICK HERE and tell us about your acquisition criteria!